Transforming Events Through Storytelling

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TimeCrafters 2016 Campaign – Produced by Havas Luxe

How do you turn a niche watch trade show into an event that a thirty something New Yorker would want to visit on their free weekend afternoon? This was the challenge presented to us when we took on the marketing of the 4th edition of TimeCrafters.  Every year the show brings top luxury watch brands like Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piquet to the Park Avenue Armory along with panel discussions by media partners such as the New York Times. We wanted to make those brands exciting for everyone.

We knew that to reach a larger audience we had to make the show emotionally appealing, and the best way to relate to people’s emotions is through strong storytelling. As we were conducting focus groups with watch enthusiasts and collectors alike, one thing they all had in common was the desire to share stories about their watches. We decided then to launch a creative campaign “Every Watch Has a Story – What’s Yours?” where we featured watch stories from individuals on Instagram, where watch enthusiasts and collectors post their wrist photos.

We launched the story on our New York Times ad, as well in our social media channels. Partnering with key watch clubs in the city, we leveraged their database and followers in reaching a larger audience and gathering more stories.  More important, it enabled people an outlet to talk about the memories behind their watches and their favorite watches, connecting the community together.

Now as we are a few weeks away from the event, we can leverage these photos and stories for the video shown at the Armory during the event and for additional ads and placements in our media partners. Most important, we have given participants something to talk about while they enjoy the exclusive watch brands exhibiting this year, and that’s the inclusive power of storytelling.


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