How to Host An Excellent Marketing Conference

Steve Jobs once said that to drive innovation, one must “think different”. At Havas Luxe, that is exactly what we attempt to do – especially when it comes to hosting our bi-annual Marketing Conference, NEXT. This conference is part of a series produced by Havas Luxe. Our purpose is to inform and educate luxury marketers….which does not mean it should be “safe”, or “boring”.

Innovative conferences work for Apple, and they work for us. Could doing things differently at your next event work for you? In today’s post, we will share our tips on how to make your next conference your best yet.

  1. Theme:

In our upcoming installment of Havas Luxe’s NEXT conference, we will be inviting you to join renowned experts from the publishing, marketing, fashion and luxury industries for their inspiring take on the hottest trend in experiential marketing – Virtual Reality, and on how to get it right.

By capitalizing on an of the moment topic, and seeking to take it farther beyond that which even C-suite executives in our industry have experienced, we are giving our audience something compelling, remarkable and relevant. So, when seeking to build your next conference, first ask yourself this:

  • Is the topic compelling?
  • Is the topic remarkable?
  • Is the topic relevant, or applicable, for my audience?
  1. Speakers:

Each speaker you select for your event can make a big difference to its attractiveness to attendees. That does not mean you have to go out and book (and pay for) a celebrity. Instead, it means finding out the person, or persons, who really connect with your theme and your audience.

Examples: bloggers, authors, entrepreneurs, community leaders, industry leaders, and motivational speakers. Top tips for finding exactly the right speakers:

  • Research books and media articles/ search for the right talent associated with your topic

In particular, authors with books pending publication or recently published will be eager for promotional opportunities so they make good candidates to approach. You also get a clear idea of their areas of expertise and topics they could potentially speak on from the theme and content of their new book.

Many authors have their own websites, so a quick Google search can offer a direct link to approach them by. If they don’t have a website, you can also search for them on Twitter or Facebook and reach out to them there. We don’t mind telling you, this is exactly how we found one of our speakers for the next NEXT conference.

  • Use industry gatherings associated with your topic

For the topic of virtual reality, we had to look no further than the very recent CES conference. There, as with any conference, we were certain to run into those who position themselves as spokespeople for their industry. These superstars are likely to be receptive to invitations to speak, and that’s a great way to find them.

  • Use your Linkedin contacts and personal/ professional network

Your network, and Linkedin – are a goldmine of professional information. Post an update to your network looking for recommendations for speakers, experts or bloggers and you might be surprised by the response – people love to help, especially if you’re asking for their opinion.

At the upcoming Havas Luxe NEXT conference, we believe we have hit the jackpot with our speakers. Tackling such talking subjects as the future of advertising, and the ramifications of VR for humanity, we have invited Sebastian Tomich, founder T Brand Studio (creator of T Brand, and winner of two 2016 grand prix Cannes Lions) and Marc Lavallee – leading the future innovation in the newsroom and Story X ( VR/ AR/ Mobile) at the New York Times, and Ken Perlin, a renowned professor in the Department of Computer Science at New York University, founding director of the Media Research Lab at NYU, and the Director of the Games for Learning Institute. Nailed it.

But wait, there’s more…

  1. Details:

If you want to run a corporate event that gets people talking, you’ll need to throw in a few quirky features (alongside great content, of course).

For example – set up above and beyond a PowerPoint presentation, or a panel (snore). Run debates, small table discussion groups, and non-conventional settings. Or, add an experience.

This is our approach at Havas Luxe. We’re a creative company, so we want our meetings to be as creative as possible. Our approach is designed to ensure all guests engage with, rather than passively consume, the content offered. That’s why the next NEXT conference will include a 360-degree environment where all guests will be invited to experience Virtual Reality. It is our hope that engulfing everyone in a multi-sensory experience will fuel the senses and get people thinking in fresh ways.

And now, if you don’t mind – what do YOU want to see at our next NEXT conference? Tell us which topics and speakers speak directly to you, and we will do our best to accommodate that.

If you would like to RSVP to our NEXT conference on 3.31.17, please register here.


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