How To TECH UP Your Next Event

It’s just after CES, and we here at Havas Luxe have somehow found ourselves increasingly surrounded by tech trends and techies. So we took advantage of it, and asked industry experts what tech secrets are that they think are absolute MUSTS for events/ experiential marketing success. Here’s what they had to say:

#1 Know that your audience is BEYOND the room

First and foremost, integrating tech experiences and digital campaigns in your events bring digital audiences even closer to the actual event experience than those lucky enough to attend, making it more important for organizers to think beyond the event walls.

Forward-thinking Events and Experiential Marketing agencies (ehem…like Havas Luxe) have been using Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms for some time now to drive online engagement and UGC during their live events. Live streaming in particular is now so accessible, that it has and will have continued major impact on event success.

#2 Stay obsessed with VR and AR

We have said this in recent months on this very blog, and it’s continuing to prove true: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are becoming more and more mainstream. VR provides an even richer event experience to those tuning in remotely, while AR lets organizers layer digital enhancements onto the immediate event environment.

If you would like to see just HOW mainstream these are, and what amazing things are being created via VR and AR for the events industry- changing our commercial paths forever – please plan on attending our next HAVAS LUXE Conference on 3.31.2017. Stay tuned.

#3: Focus on driving the audience to action

Technology integrations at events – such as interactive displays and even digital photo booths – are there to do only two things:

Make the visitor do something (e.g. create UGC)


Collect data

Think this is very “big brother”? We think not. Ultimately, this will result in better event experiences for attendees. Event Management is sophisticated enough at this point to deliver not only better events, but customer-centric, personalized, unique experiences. In fact, this will be driven by participants – who are increasingly dictating through technology what their event experience is.

#4: Multi task

Specialties are becoming increasingly diverse, and it’s more important than ever for organizers to develop a broad range of skills paired with a deep knowledge of one particular area.

Today, to be a successful event and experiential agency, you need expertise in all aspects of experiential marketing. This means: strategy and ideation, staging and production, catering, promotion — and digital amplification. In other words – we no longer create an experience that is just physical. It must include the ability to assemble the right setup to engage digital audiences.

With the rapid proliferation of technology across the industry, those who do the above will thrive and rise to the top.

#5: Measure success more often, and with greater ease

The ability to track and prove the results of events will continue to improve this year, with brands and entrepreneurs running more and more events that are digitally connected. It’s a win-win, non?

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