Special Events Are Not So Special Anymore

“To the customer or guests, a special event is an opportunity for a leisure, social and cultural experience outside the normal range of choices or beyond everyday experiences” – Donald Getz

The term “special events” is too commonly used and without fully encompassing the “special” portion.

Today, many companies are designing and producing events that are not “special”. As any type of event can rack up a hefty budget, so it is crucial in ensuring that it goes above and beyond. Therefore, events could be seen as a very expensive cost with poor ROI when not special.

Events are indeed a great marketing tool to engage different audiences in order to achieve a variety of different business objectives.

The traditional combination of good food, a good venue and good guest list is not good enough anymore in today’s competitive landscape.

Our special recipe includes only two ingredients: meaningful and memorable.

  1. Meaningful comes in two parts, the first being meaningful for the brand. We must fully understand and embrace the purpose and brand DNA and portray them in a very unique way during the event and in a way no other brand would be able to do.

    The second part is being meaningful for the audience. We must ask ourselves, “Why would the guests come to the event or even care?” and “What is our adding value to them?”.

  1. The second ingredient is being memorable. The event can’t only be people gathering, drinking, listening to a speech, having a good time and going home. The assignment here is to engage emotionally with your audience in order to make the special event memorable. Surprise them. Make them feel emotionally connected to you and your brand. Goosebumps are welcome. Creating an emotional connection could be anything from a beautiful storytelling video, musical performance, sophisticated art installation, unique choreography – it just needs to be fully relevant to the brand.

    An example of this is the product launch event we put on for Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Lebron James Limited Edition Watch. We used a technique called cine-theatre. Lebron placed his hand in a box on stage and the video screen behind him showed the watches being built on his wrist. The beauty of this “magic” was building the watch live on his wrist. This was a unique way to showcase the craftsmanship of the watch. The combination of these two ingredients will result in a “special event” not only for the brand, but the audience as well.

You want your guests to leave an event and brag to their peers by word of mouth as well as through social media about their experience. This creates an efficient tool for your client’s marketing objectives.

Hopefully by including our two secret ingredients, you will be able to create an event that truly encompasses the definition of a “special event”.


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