Havas Luxe NEXT CONFERENCE / Fall 2016: Influencers and Authenticity

Influencer Marketing. It’s SO hot right now.

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get link ….But you already knew that. The Influencer phenomenon in Marketing has been going on for several years. So long, in fact, that we admit, there are many moments in which we say the same things we hear our clients say often at meetings: “when will these Influencers go away?”

follow site The answer has been conclusively reached at Havas Luxe’s recent NEXT Conference. Hosted by agency founder and President, Thomas Serrano, Havas Luxe invited key figures from our industry, from within the ranks of actual, successful influencers, and even including a motivational coach.

viagra for sale Our speakers included:

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click Each ratified that which we know: influencers, for now, are here to stay. But if your brand is not seeing desired results, it is for two reasons:

  1. The game has evolved; you are not doing it right
  2. Your basics are not being upheld

comprare viagra generico 50 mg a Bologna For those who missed this epic conference – we are delighted to share with you a video of the entire morning. Please check it out here. In the video, you will learn all that those who attended got to learn, and gain access to some special cheat sheets, tools and extras provided by our influencer gurus.

enter site Enjoy, and we hope to see you next time.

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